Emily Rach Beisel finds that her most enriching artistic experiences are those involving extended collaboration with a focus on egalitarian structure and close attention to sonic detail. In this she includes everything from free improvising to long-running musical theater performances. She is interested in the communicative possibilities of joint composition and free improvisation and the potential for discovering textures that might not otherwise be stumbled upon.

Some other areas of fascination include the intersection between avant-garde art music and EMM (extreme metal music) genres such as mathcore, doom, death and black metal. Beisel enjoys that this music can be appreciated both intellectually as a complex and rich texture and as a profoundly physical listening experience. She hopes that further cross-pollination between contemporary classical music, EMM, noise music, jazz and free improvisation will serve to further erode problematic value hierarchies in our culture.

In her performing career Rach Beisel finds the greatest satisfaction in working in a wide range of musical styles and groups. She is the second clarinetist with Orchestra Iowa with which she performs masterworks, ballet, opera and pops concerts. She is a member of the contemporary ensemble Fonema Consort, touring most recently in Mexico, New York, and Minneapolis, and working with composers including Julio Estrada and James Dillon. Rach Beisel enjoys work as a woodwind doubler in her resident city of Chicago, including the world premiere of October Sky and productions of Evita, Man of La Mancha, She Loves Me, and Oliver at the Marriott Theater and multiple productions with Chicago's feminist Firebrand Theater Company. Rach Beisel is also an avid free improvisor and she appreciates working with a wide range of musicians, particularly her group Fat Pigeon, which focuses on improvisation and group composition.

Rach Beisel works as an active teacher in Chicago, and she appreciates the reciprocal relationship between her dual role as performer and pedagogue. In addition to her private studio she teaches at Harold Washington College, and the Oak Park School of Music. Beisel completed her Masters in Music Performance degree at Northwestern University where she studied with Steve Cohen and J. Lawrie Bloom.