Emily’s musical activities are best characterized by diversity. She is the second clarinetist with Orchestra Iowa and is a member of the contemporary ensemble Fonema Consort.  Emily has worked with jazz dance bands playing swing and dixie music and she works regularly as a woodwind doubler performing on clarinet, flute and saxophone.  Emily works as an active teacher in Chicago, and she appreciates the reciprocal relationship between her dual work as performer and pedagogue. Emily completed her Masters in Music Performance at Northwestern University in June of 2014 and now resides in Chicago. 

Teaching Philosophy

..believes in a highly individualized teaching method that emphasizes 
intuitive learning techniques.  She strives to utilize methods that are compatible with how we naturally learn through perceptual-motor functioning. 

Through allowing our higher-level cognitive processing to focus on more advanced concepts such as tone production and musicality we free the portions of our brain that generally control physical motion and reflexes such as breathing to do what they do best.  (This is similar to how we learn to walk: adults give us a model of how walking "looks" and our bodies adjust naturally to match our mental picture of walking.) 

Emily pushes her students to develop a
strong sound concept and solid fundamental technique on their instrument.  She emphasizes listening as a primary tool in this process as a way 
for her students grow with a minimum of frustration and to maximize creativity and personal expression.  She believes that this enables students to more fully take advantage of the other benefits of learning an instrument such as self confidence, critical thinking and problem solving, and patienceas well as over-all joy in life!   


M.M.  Music Performance
Northwestern University 

B.A.  Music Performance
University of Maryland, Baltimore 

B.A.  Psychology
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Teaching Experience

University of Minneapolis 
Masterclass and Concert, October 19-20th 2015

University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Masterclass, November 25, 2014 

Northwestern University
Clarinet Instructor for Non-Majors 

Main West High School
Clarinet Instructor 2014- Present
Marching Band Clinician, August, 2014 

Saint Xavier University
Residency: Composer Workshop and Composition
Readings,   April, 2014 

Mike's Music Lessons
Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute Instructor