Emily finds that her most enriching artistic experiences are those involving extended collaborations characterized by in-depth comprehension and interpretation of musical works. She is also fascinated by the communicative possibilities of free improvisation and the potential for joint exploration and experimentation. In addition, she is greatly interested in the relationship between visual arts and music and the intensely interrelated influences which are possible to see and experience

Emily’s musical activities are best characterized by diversity. She is the second clarinetist with Orchestra Iowa and is a member of the contemporary ensemble Fonema Consort. She also serves as Program Director for Access Contemporary Music, an innovative organization that works to bring the music of living composers to a new and diverse audience. Emily works as an active teacher in Chicago, and she appreciates the reciprocal relationship between her dual work as performer and pedagogue. Emily completed her Masters in Music Performance at Northwestern University in June of 2014 and now resides in Chicago.